How to Pick Prom Makeup for White Dress

Your own prom makeup is never an easy thing to do. At least, this is how it seems to be. No matter how many times you’ve rehearsed this in your head, you never know exactly how you want to dress and what makeup you want to have. But what if you already have a dress? How does it influence your decision to go for this or that makeup?

Actually, your outfit defines how your makeup is going to look. If makeup is too heavy for a dress, you risk losing the point of a whole prom look. Let’s talk about white dresses and makeup that perfectly goes with them.

All shades of white are one of the most popular choices among ladies who prepare for a prom. It looks both formal and romantic, sweet and elegant. To make your prom day super easy and fun, prepare in advance. Think which of the following makeup looks you would like to do for your own prom party.

Prom Makeup For White Dress Ideas

First of all, think about comfort. What makeup are you most comfortable with? Something natural? Or maybe something dramatic with red lips and black eyeliner? Even if it is a prom party, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect comfort. You are not obliged to wear a bright makeup look only because it is a prom. There are tons of great natural makeup ideas you can use for this occasion, especially if you wear a white dress.

So, here is a couple of those ideas.

  • If you want to look sweet and elegant at a prom party, go for natural makeup inspired by Victoria’s Secret models. Have you ever seen Victoria’s Secret shows? The models have bronze eyeshadows and natural looking lips. This perfectly matches a white dress too. The key to this look is bronze eyeshadows and lots of highlighter and a little bit of bronzer. Get inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Adriana Lima, and Taylor Hill.
  • Where else can you wear glitters on the eyes if not at your prom party? For this look, choose makeup glitters in silver and gold tones and use them to cover the entire eyelid. On the top of it, use a black eyeliner for a more glam effect. Add a highlighter and a soft, nude lip color.
  • And the third look, which perfectly goes with a white dress is for those who prefer emphasizing their lips rather than their eyes. For the eyeshadow, choose natural beige colors like doing a ┬źno makeup┬╗ look. Don’t use eyeliner or anything dark. Let it be simple. Complete the look with a waterproof mascara. For the lips, choose a bright red lip liner and a matching lipstick. You can go either for a satin or a matte finish. Pick whatever you like most. Add lots of highlighter, but don’t overdo with a bronzer.

It is always better to rehearse doing your makeup in advance. Thus, you will be more relaxed the morning before the prom.