Mocha Glowy Skin

Japanese Beauty Regime For Mocha Glowy Skin

Japanese beauty regime is one of the most sought-after skincare regimes in the world. It is known for its focus on achieving mochi glowy skin, a term used to describe a dewy and luminous complexion. The Japanese beauty regime consists of several steps that help to nourish and protect the skin, while also providing a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. 

Snow-white skin

From mass-market to luxury, you’ll find skin whitening products in every Japanese cosmetics brand. Japanese women associate porcelain skin tone with health, wealth and prosperity. From time immemorial, in Japan a darker complexion has been a sign of low social status of a girl, that’s why even nowadays Japanese women avoid sun rays with care. They actively use sunscreens and sun gels, among other things, to prevent premature skin aging. One of Japan’s favorite beauty products also includes lightening BB creams, which are often laced with pearlescent material to add radiance to the skin.

Grooming is more important than makeup

Although Japanese girls are no strangers to makeup trends, they follow innovations in the world of skin care and makeup much more closely. You’ve probably seen for yourself how many trends are coming to us from Japan – from multi-step cleansing to hydrogen gel patches (read also: “Bye, Korea, or Why Japan ─ The New Beauty Trendsetter”). The land of the rising sun loves rare ingredients and working formulas: the worldwide popularity of Japanese cosmetics has been brought by the fact that it delivers on all the promises on the packaging.


A short stature, combined with slender arms and a small chest size, is considered in Japan to be an ideal of femininity and beauty. It was formed many centuries ago, when the standard of attractiveness were girls without magnificent forms. And to this day, many men prefer to choose a life partner with a miniature size. This is why breast augmentation surgery is still unpopular in Japan.

Huge Eyes

Another cult that appeared thanks to manga: in Japan, girls consider only round, large eyes beautiful. This trend is accomplished in different ways: while some girls save up for blepharoplasty, others try to find the best eye makeup solutions, use special bands to correct drooping eyelids, false eyelashes and colored lenses (read also: “How to get bigger eyes and perfect skin: secrets of a star makeup artist”).

Mocha Glowy Skin

Long hair

Hairstyles are the main way of self-expression of the modern Japanese woman. In the land of the rising sun long well-groomed hair since ancient times are considered the best way to emphasize your high social status, but today this trend has undergone some changes. Hair has become a fashion accessory: girls are actively using colored wigs and false strands to quickly change the image and give it the necessary brightness.

Big head

Girls from Japan love contrasts: they love small faces and big heads. It’s all due to anime and manga comics, which clearly shows this trend. Japanese women use all sorts of techniques to reduce the contours of the face and make the head visually larger. Popular methods include special tape to reduce the contours of the face while applying makeup and a special bandage to correct cheekbones and chin.

Eating the right diet for life

For many women in this country, dieting is not a temporary solution to fighting excess weight, but a way of life. Japanese women are opting for healthy diets based on a variety of nutrition programs. Their diet is based on rice combined with vegetables and fresh seafood. It’s a custom in Japan to drink plenty of fluids: local girls are particularly fond of green tea (it’s rich in antioxidants) and water enriched with hydrogen. It is known as the most effective and safe antioxidant that prevents cell aging.