Mocha Glowy Skin

Japanese Beauty Regime For Mocha Glowy Skin

Japanese beauty regime is one of the most sought-after skincare regimes in the world. It is known for its focus on achieving mochi glowy skin, a term used to describe a dewy and luminous complexion. The Japanese beauty regime consists of several steps that help to nourish and protect the skin, while also providing a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.  More

Acrylic Nails Shapes

Types of Acrylic Nails Shapes

A beautiful manicure begins with the choice of nail shapes. Unfortunately, natural plates, due to their natural structure, do not represent a wide field for experimentation, but the raised nails allow you to realize the brightest solutions from spectacular “stilettos” to the fantasy “butterfly wings”. More

The Most Impressive Ash Blonde Balayage On Dark Hair Designs

For a female it is important to continuously experiment with hair coloring. A right color will underline the beauty of female’s face. It will also help to create a more delicate look.

One of the most popular hair colorings today is balayage. It is a perfect artistic way of coloring. There are many different types of balayage. A female can use different highlights, that will perfectly suit her.


If you would like to get a unique balayage tone you have to think which shade will be a basic one in your hairstyle. There are many classic shades. You can try brown, black, red. Though, there are even more interesting options. Ash blond is one of them.

Ash blonde color by itself looks very eye-catching. It helps to create a modern, stylish hair color. If a woman colors hair with a balayage technique she will get even more innovative look. Get to know ash blonde balayage on dark hair designs=&1=&

  • Intense ash blonde balayage. If you try blond balayage on dark hair you will get very interesting tone. Though, if you try intense ash blond, the contrast with dark roots will even become stronger. It is a perfect option for women who like impressive looks. Ash blond will make hair looking very stylish and elegant.
  • Ash blond tips with dark roots. If you want hair to look dark, you can make balayage coloring only on tips of the strands. This type of tone also looks very beautiful. A great idea is to curl tips. This’ll put even more accent on them.
  • Blond coloring with blue shades. Today there are many different shades of blond. It is always possible to choose one that will help to underline personal style. Blue tone can be perfectly combined with ash blond. This shade’ll create not only elegant hairstyle but also lively and youthful look. It is a great option for young females.
  • Bright tone with grey balayage. This is another fine option of coloring. Grey hint will help to create an outstanding feminine image. It’ll go well for mature and young women. This tone will perfectly suit business outfits and evening dresses. It will go well with a light daily makeup or intense smoky eyes. Blond balayage with  grey hint is a sophisticated and eye-catching coloring.
  • Contrast ash blonde tone. If a female is not afraid to experiment she can try contrasting colors. In this case, hair is visually divided into two parts. One part remains dark, while the one is colored in ash blond. Such a contrast is a perfect option if a female has medium length hair.
  • Beige and silver ash blonde. Such hair tone will be a great option for romantic females. A mix of beige and silver create a mild and delicate color. If you try such tone on ash blond balayage you will get an amazing mild tone. It is ideal for females who want to show their femininity. Such hair looks very stylish.
  • Light coloring with pearl-gold shades. This tone will be exactly the opposite to blue and silver blond. Pearl and gold shades will create a very posh and luxurious image.

These are the main ideas you can try if you decide for ash blond balayage. There are many tone variations you can try. Experiment as much as you can.


How to Pick Prom Makeup for White Dress

Your own prom makeup is never an easy thing to do. At least, this is how it seems to be. No matter how many times you’ve rehearsed this in your head, you never know exactly how you want to dress and what makeup you want to have. But what if you already have a dress? How does it influence your decision to go for this or that makeup?

Actually, your outfit defines how your makeup is going to look. If makeup is too heavy for a dress, you risk losing the point of a whole prom look. Let’s talk about white dresses and makeup that perfectly goes with them.

All shades of white are one of the most popular choices among ladies who prepare for a prom. It looks both formal and romantic, sweet and elegant. To make your prom day super easy and fun, prepare in advance. Think which of the following makeup looks you would like to do for your own prom party.

Prom Makeup For White Dress Ideas

First of all, think about comfort. What makeup are you most comfortable with? Something natural? Or maybe something dramatic with red lips and black eyeliner? Even if it is a prom party, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect comfort. You are not obliged to wear a bright makeup look only because it is a prom. There are tons of great natural makeup ideas you can use for this occasion, especially if you wear a white dress.

So, here is a couple of those ideas.

  • If you want to look sweet and elegant at a prom party, go for natural makeup inspired by Victoria’s Secret models. Have you ever seen Victoria’s Secret shows? The models have bronze eyeshadows and natural looking lips. This perfectly matches a white dress too. The key to this look is bronze eyeshadows and lots of highlighter and a little bit of bronzer. Get inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Adriana Lima, and Taylor Hill.
  • Where else can you wear glitters on the eyes if not at your prom party? For this look, choose makeup glitters in silver and gold tones and use them to cover the entire eyelid. On the top of it, use a black eyeliner for a more glam effect. Add a highlighter and a soft, nude lip color.
  • And the third look, which perfectly goes with a white dress is for those who prefer emphasizing their lips rather than their eyes. For the eyeshadow, choose natural beige colors like doing a «no makeup» look. Don’t use eyeliner or anything dark. Let it be simple. Complete the look with a waterproof mascara. For the lips, choose a bright red lip liner and a matching lipstick. You can go either for a satin or a matte finish. Pick whatever you like most. Add lots of highlighter, but don’t overdo with a bronzer.

It is always better to rehearse doing your makeup in advance. Thus, you will be more relaxed the morning before the prom.


The Most Reliable Producers Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a must have product for every woman. It is a perfect beauty product. It makes the skin healthier and better moistened. If a female likes to get spray tan it is important for her to use coconut oil after spray tan.

If to put coconut oil after spray tan, the skin will look better. It will be more intense. It will also be less harmful for the skin. These are the reasons why females use coconut oil after they get a tan.


There are many producers that claim they produce fine coconut products. However, it is always better to choose oil, manufactured by factories with history. Such types of enterprises usually care more about the quality of products. Here are some of the manufactures that you can consider.

  • Viva Labs. It is a brand that processes all types of natural products. It manufactures extra virgin coconut oil. This type of liquid has even more positive features than regular coconut oil. Substance by Viva Labs is 100% organic. It is also manufactured using technology of cold press. It has a perfect smooth texture. It also possesses a fine mild scent. The only disadvantage of this good is its price. It is far more costly than coconut oil produced by other brands.
  • Carrington. It is also a product of fine quality. It is organic. It is ideal for customers who like farm products. This virgin coconut liquid is as pure and natural as it can be. One of the main advantages of it is its low price. For little money customers can get quite a fine product. Carrington packs its product in 54 ounces jars.
  • Nature’s Way. The name speaks for itself. This manufacturer proposes a fine natural oil. It is a cold pressed product. It has fine smell and delicate texture. It is very pleasant to use. Nature’s Way found a right balance between price and quality. The oil does not cost much.
  • Anjou. It is a very luxurious brand. Coconut oil it produces is of high-quality. It has a fine creamy texture. It is very pleasant to apply.  Cold press is the technology that is used to make it. This oil is made only from organic coconuts. The only disadvantage of this fine product is small quantity available in a jar. If you are a frequent user of the good, you need several jars.
  • Nutiva. It is an excellent product that has quite a moderate price. Nutiva produces cold pressed oil. It has a pleasant smell. The only minus of it is its texture. If you leave the jar in a room with high temperature, the creamy substance will become liquid.

These are the most reliable producers of coconut oil. If you choose one of those, you can be sure to get a high-quality product. Apply substance each time after spray tan.

The Most Outstanding Black And Grey Flower Tattoos

Getting an outstanding tattoo can help a person to underline a personal style. A tattoo pattern a person chooses can tell a lot about an identity of an individual. Females usually choose very tender symbols. The men on contrary go for more masculine themes.

It is important to know that every tattoo theme can be perceived differently. Much depends on the color that is used. The perception of an image will be different if you color a tattoo in bright or dark colors.


One of the most classic themes used in tattoo design is a flower. It is a beautiful and tender symbol. In many countries flowers are the symbols of love and prosperity. The way a flower is depicted will help to create a unique tattoo style. Here are some of the most outstanding flower designs:

  • A rose. A rose is one of the most famous tattoo theme. It is both a wild and tender flower. That is why it will suit well both for men and women. Females usually choose to depict it using contour technique. Men often prefer to make black retouche. Such a image will looks very masculine. Such a design can be worn by both businessmen or artistic personalities.
  • Peonies image. Peonies are beautiful flowers. Females choose such image for a tattoo more frequently than men do. A black and grey peonies create a harmonic and elegant look. This is quite extraordinary tattoo idea. If you wear such an image on streets, it will definitely attract attention.
  • Black tulips. It is one of the most extraordinary themes a person can choose. Dark tulips exist for real. That is why they look quite natural on a female’s or male’s hand. A tulip tattoo will suit well every type of business costume or an evening dress. The smaller an image will be, the more delicate it will look.
  • Scabiosa. There is no better flower that will look perfect in black and grey. It is a flower that is better to use for a male tattoo designs. It will make a man looking  stylish and elegant. This flower is rarely used for female’s tattoo.
  • Orchids. These are beautiful flowers. Today’s gardeners develop more multicolor types of orchids. Depicting a black and grey orchid on female or male shoulder will look very organic. It will help to create a sophisticated look.
  • Lilies. Lilies are very symbolic flowers. If you decide to get such a tattoo image it will definitely look impressive. Dark lilies image will look quite unusual. Obviously, it’ll immediately attract attention of people around you.
  • Lotus. It is an ideal flower to be depicted on male body. It looks very minimalistic and masculine. Black and grey color will help to create even stronger image. It is a good idea to depict the whole group of eucalyptus on a man’s body. This’ll create fine imagery.

These are the most interesting black and grey flower tattoo you can think of. Choose a design that’ll better reflect your personality. A good tatto will help to accomplish every look. More

How to Pick and Wear Beige and Gold Nails

Beige and gold nails are the most classic and extravagant colors to wear. If beige is a classic one, which has been already worn for a while, the gold shade has become a trendy color due to celebrities and fashion designers mainly.

Blake Lively, Rihanna, Ashley Graham, and Kim Kardashian frequently appear in public wearing either an elegant nude shade or a fancy gold tone. Though they are very classy colors, they are quite complicated. It’s not easy to find a nude shade, which is going to match the outfit and makeup perfectly. And it is very important to find the right nude nail color to match your skin too. There are so many shades of beige that you can easily get lost in a store while picking one.

So, let’s try to find your perfect beige now.

How to Pick and Wear Nude and Gold

Nude and gold are massive in fashion. But not all of the girls pick and wear these colors correctly, distracting attention from makeup and outfit. So, here’s what you have to do to find your color correctly.

  • Where do you start if there are so many nude shades out there? The easiest way is to take the nail polish and match it next to your skin. It should look good and be as close to the color of your skin as possible. The color shouldn’t give your skin a red undertone. It doesn’t look nice. Keep in mind that the color can look different in the bottle and on your skin. If it is possible, try a nail polish on one of the nails. If a beige nail polish gives you a grey undertone, then you’ve picked the wrong one. For lighter complexion, look for lighter nudes, for a darker complexion, check darker colors. For example, if your skin is quite fair, you can try Essie «Fairy Tailor».
  • With a gold color, everything is a little bit easier. You just pick whatever finish you want – glitter, shiny, matte, etc. Different variations of gold are equally trendy if they are worn for a special occasion. Wearing gold nails on a daily basis isn’t easy. It is more of a festive option, which you can use for a prom or a party.
  • How to wear nudes and gold? What outfit and make should you pick? If it is a beige tone, you can actually complement it with any outfit and makeup. For gold colors, choose gold smokey makeup and the outfit in black or brown.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your nails. Try different variations of gold and nude to find the perfect one.