How to Pick and Wear Beige and Gold Nails

Beige and gold nails are the most classic and extravagant colors to wear. If beige is a classic one, which has been already worn for a while, the gold shade has become a trendy color due to celebrities and fashion designers mainly.

Blake Lively, Rihanna, Ashley Graham, and Kim Kardashian frequently appear in public wearing either an elegant nude shade or a fancy gold tone. Though they are very classy colors, they are quite complicated. It’s not easy to find a nude shade, which is going to match the outfit and makeup perfectly. And it is very important to find the right nude nail color to match your skin too. There are so many shades of beige that you can easily get lost in a store while picking one.

So, let’s try to find your perfect beige now.

How to Pick and Wear Nude and Gold

Nude and gold are massive in fashion. But not all of the girls pick and wear these colors correctly, distracting attention from makeup and outfit. So, here’s what you have to do to find your color correctly.

  • Where do you start if there are so many nude shades out there? The easiest way is to take the nail polish and match it next to your skin. It should look good and be as close to the color of your skin as possible. The color shouldn’t give your skin a red undertone. It doesn’t look nice. Keep in mind that the color can look different in the bottle and on your skin. If it is possible, try a nail polish on one of the nails. If a beige nail polish gives you a grey undertone, then you’ve picked the wrong one. For lighter complexion, look for lighter nudes, for a darker complexion, check darker colors. For example, if your skin is quite fair, you can try Essie «Fairy Tailor».
  • With a gold color, everything is a little bit easier. You just pick whatever finish you want – glitter, shiny, matte, etc. Different variations of gold are equally trendy if they are worn for a special occasion. Wearing gold nails on a daily basis isn’t easy. It is more of a festive option, which you can use for a prom or a party.
  • How to wear nudes and gold? What outfit and make should you pick? If it is a beige tone, you can actually complement it with any outfit and makeup. For gold colors, choose gold smokey makeup and the outfit in black or brown.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your nails. Try different variations of gold and nude to find the perfect one.