The Most Outstanding Black And Grey Flower Tattoos

Getting an outstanding tattoo can help a person to underline a personal style. A tattoo pattern a person chooses can tell a lot about an identity of an individual. Females usually choose very tender symbols. The men on contrary go for more masculine themes.

It is important to know that every tattoo theme can be perceived differently. Much depends on the color that is used. The perception of an image will be different if you color a tattoo in bright or dark colors.

Discover The Most Outstanding Tattoo Patterns

One of the most classic themes used in tattoo design is a flower. It is a beautiful and tender symbol. In many countries flowers are the symbols of love and prosperity. The way a flower is depicted will help to create a unique tattoo style. Here are some of the most outstanding flower designs:

  • A rose. A rose is one of the most famous tattoo theme. It is both a wild and tender flower. That is why it will suit well both for men and women. Females usually choose to depict it using contour technique. Men often prefer to make black retouche. Such a image will looks very masculine. Such a design can be worn by both businessmen or artistic personalities.
  • Peonies image. Peonies are beautiful flowers. Females choose such image for a tattoo more frequently than men do. A black and grey peonies create a harmonic and elegant look. This is quite extraordinary tattoo idea. If you wear such an image on streets, it will definitely attract attention.
  • Black tulips. It is one of the most extraordinary themes a person can choose. Dark tulips exist for real. That is why they look quite natural on a female’s or male’s hand. A tulip tattoo will suit well every type of business costume or an evening dress. The smaller an image will be, the more delicate it will look.
  • Scabiosa. There is no better flower that will look perfect in black and grey. It is a flower that is better to use for a male tattoo designs. It will make a man looking  stylish and elegant. This flower is rarely used for female’s tattoo.
  • Orchids. These are beautiful flowers. Today’s gardeners develop more multicolor types of orchids. Depicting a black and grey orchid on female or male shoulder will look very organic. It will help to create a sophisticated look.
  • Lilies. Lilies are very symbolic flowers. If you decide to get such a tattoo image it will definitely look impressive. Dark lilies image will look quite unusual. Obviously, it’ll immediately attract attention of people around you.
  • Lotus. It is an ideal flower to be depicted on male body. It looks very minimalistic and masculine. Black and grey color will help to create even stronger image. It is a good idea to depict the whole group of eucalyptus on a man’s body. This’ll create fine imagery.

These are the most interesting black and grey flower tattoo you can think of. Choose a design that’ll better reflect your personality. A good tatto will help to accomplish every look.